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RMI ADVANTAGE 2009 R2 Application Improvement 10
September 2012

RMI is pleased to announce the release of Application Improvement 10 for ADVANTAGE 2009 R2. This is RMI’s third quarter release for 2012.

Reporting Improvements

This release focuses on reporting improvements. Our first set of reporting improvements is delivered via Microsoft Excel and features drill down capabilities into your data for those times when the details matter. Our second set of reporting improvements leverages the power of SQL reporting services for graphical, more complex calculations with advanced scheduling opportunities.

Excel based Reporting:
Excel based reporting delivers a powerful, yet comfortable way to analyze your business performance. RMI’s ADVANTAGE solution puts the power of ad hoc reporting in your hands through the use of Jet Reports, the premier Excel based reporting tool. To supplement your reporting toolbox, RMI builds Excel reports and makes them available to our clients. This quarter RMI delivers one new Jet Report.

  •  The Tax Depreciation Support report was designed to help users perform the following Tax Accounting activities.

    1. Determine Available Section 179 Bonus Depreciation

    2. Determine Net Acquisition pattern for a taxable year so as to be able to determine which Depreciation Convention (Mid-Year or Mid-Quarter) applies for each year’s acquisitions.

Excel based reports can be implemented as released by RMI, or can be further customized to meet the needs of our clients.

SQL based Reporting:
SQL Reporting is a powerful, graphical reporting tool that delivers faster processing for more complex calculations. These reports can be run on demand as you need them, or they can be scheduled in advanced to be delivered to you via email on the dates and times that meet your needs.

Another benefit of RMI’s SQL Reports is that they simply require an Office Worker license rather than a Full ERP System User, giving your company the flexibility to license only those tools needed to get the job done. For more information on RMI ADVANTAGE User Types, please visit RMI’s website by clicking here. This quarter, RMI releases three new reports.

  • The EFT Summary report delivers an analysis of electronic payments settled though ADVANTAGE. The report summarizes the transactions by card type / transaction type and is useful in evaluating the level of business conducted with each.

  • The Daily Call Report is an effective tool in managing your sales staff. This report displays the comments that are recorded in ADVANTAGE when a salesperson speaks with a contact. It can be used to measure employee productivity and ensure that your staff is moving through the sales process according to your business processes.

  • The Quote Conversion report is a graphical presentation of the close rate for the rental department. This KPI report evaluates the number of quotes that have been converted into orders, pending quotes, closed quotes and total quotes issued over the past thirty days and overall. For closed quotes, a breakdown of the reason for closing is displayed to help identify the causes and identify trends.

  • The Logged Segment Overview gives a brief overview of your marketing activities, providing the user with key information about logged segments, including the description, date, user who logged the segment, and the number of outbound or inbound interactions.

Mobile Improvements
ADVANTAGE Mobile Users deliver simplicity and portability, wherever your job may take you.

In this release, the user interface has been given a facelift and is more intuitive. Users can quickly enter values in multiple fields, reducing data entry time and can use the integrated signature capture feature of the newest version of Adobe PDF instead of purchasing a smartphone/tablet app to do so.

New mobile processes for receiving serialized items and fixed assets have been developed to give your team the ability to receive goods against Purchase Orders in a streamlined manner.

RMI’s ADVANTAGE solution is designed to meet the business needs of rental, sales, service and accounting professionals. By delivering the tools to meet the reporting and business needs of your staff, you’re able to take full advantage of your business information securely; accessible from anywhere.

For more information on RMI’s ADVANTAGE Solution, contact us at 800-252-5011 or at www.rmiusa.com

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