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Problem: Inconsistent Trailer Reporting

Prior to ADVANTAGE 365, our trailer rental, sales, and service customers lacked a comprehensive trailer management system that provided detailed oversight of their entire trailer fleet, employees, customers and vendors. Employees and management relied upon a scattered network of whiteboards and excel spreadsheets leading to inaccurate and unreliable maintenance expenses reports, inventory records, and technician productivity. The inefficiencies in our customer’s reporting structure prior to ADVANTAGE 365 impacted profits, cash flow and trailer maintenance leading to a slow deterioration in internal communication and accountability.

Solution: Report Automation and Alerts

With ADVANTAGE 365 IFTA reporting, fuel consumption, and maintenance performed by technicians for each trailer is neatly organized in a consolidated report available directly through your main dashboard. Easily filter information specific to your job function on your dashboard and save custom views that consolidate your workflow by auto filling form fields, interactive pop-up alerts and more!

Result: Comprehensive Inventory Oversight

ADVANTAGE 365 boosts your team’s efficiency by optimizing your current business processes. Rely on your new trailer management software system to automatically run monthly management reports (i.e. Trailer Utilization, profit margin, and usage reporting), pop-up insurance expiration alerts, and real-time tracking of every business metric amongst your entire trailer fleet.

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"I've been through several business system implementations throughout my career and know that switching systems can be challenging. I can say, without a doubt that working with RMI and implementing their ADVANTAGE 365 business was the smoothest transition I have ever experienced. Their staff is very knowledgeable about the industry and the system. They exceeded my expectations and I'm very pleased with the result."

Vice President of Operations - Customer Since 2011

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