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ADVANTAGE 365 construction equipment software is leading heavy equipment businesses with robust software technology. Machines used in construction require powerful but easy-to-use rental, sales and service management tools not found in other construction management apps. Tracking and updating machinery rental rates, heavy equipment inventory, and construction equipment attachments with ease makes ADVANTAGE 365 the premier construction equipment rental app! Built specifically to serve the needs of companies with construction equipment for sale, lease, or who offer scheduled maintenance services; ADVANTAGE 365 is an all-in-one rental system software, heavy equipment management software, and equipment maintenance app.


Construction Software Solutions

RMI's heavy equipment rental customers have fluctuating inventory and consistently seek used heavy equipment, current construction equipment rates, and used heavy equipment parts. With ADVANTAGE 365 the tools to calculate future ROI's, interest, depreciation rates and inventory levels across your entire fleet is available in one simple dashboard! Want to view bulldozer rental rates, new heavy equipment inventory, heavy equipment training documents? With ADVANTAGE 365 any information you need can be made readily available in a simple clean dashboard specific to your job function. Working seamlessly with your Outlook and other Microsoft apps you will have the freedom to upload, share, and send documents, receipts, and PO's to your colleagues in real-time and available via computer and mobile devices!

ADVANTAGE 365: Heavy Equipment Manager

Heavy Equipment Tracking

With ADVANTAGE 365 you can track heavy equipment and receive valuable insight into your entire inventory. Construction equipment tracking tools like times rented, acquisition cost, depreciation and ROI deliver precise insight into the profitability of all heavy equipment, displayed in one simple dashboard! Tracking the daily activity of your inventory makes construction equipment management through ADVANTAGE 365 quick and effective, ensuring construction equipment tools and heavy equipment rental rates are accurately recorded and competitively priced!

Need to manage alternative vendors for sub rentals, heavy equipment transport companies, and second hand construction equipment? ADVANTAGE 365 is fully equipped with vendor management functions and stock keeping units for construction tools and equipment in your service shop, including variants like shelf location, warehouse area, and bin numbers conveniently displayed to all users across your yard/shop. ADVANTAGE 365 is constantly offering unique functionality not found in other equipment rental business software and improving our suite of services and add-ons, just ask us about our rapidly deployed solutions!

Construction Equipment Maintenance Software

Many users rely on ADVANTAGE 365 equipment service software to drastically enhance service order management and meter maintenance by improving connectivity, accountability and material planning. Heavy equipment maintenance software will generate service requests based on periodic service schedules, track technician strengths and certifications for skill-based service assignments, and automate service alerts for construction equipment overdue for service! Oversee your entire inventory of heavy equipment tools, materials, and resources used by technicians with service item tracking tools (Track serial numbers, indiv. profitability, costs etc.), and monitor technician efficiency and quality of work; bringing unparalleled precision when billing service maintenance activities. Warranty claims, service history, and contract SLA management are all combined to deliver a comprehensive construction accounting software!

Heavy Equipment Rental Reporting

Construction equipment rental rates tend to fluctuate due to seasonality, competition, and rental or lease length. ADVANTAGE 365 meticulously tracks everything from dozer rental rates to inventory levels of new vs used earthmoving equipment available to rent. With ADVANTAGE 365's asset margin report, you can view each piece of construction equipment complete with rental revenue, meter revenue, AND service revenue in one comprehensive report. Heading to the heavy equipment auction for new construction equipment? Use your asset utilization report to identify top performers in your fleet according to revenue generation and opportunities to strengthen the knowledge of your construction equipment fleet identifying revenue generating additions to your fleet!

A comprehensive heavy equipment estimating, accounting, and management software!

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