Planned & Scheduled Equipment Maintenance

RMI ADVANTAGE / March 01, 2024
planned and scheduled equipment maintenance

Renting and leasing equipment inherently reduces your asset’s usable life considerably and according to Ibis World, research shows the decrease in service and maintenance spending across all US rental fleets.  It remains unclear if companies are completely moving service activities in-house or, at least, allowing qualified staff to perform routine maintenance but with the 28% surge in trade school attendance since 2016 the idea of internal service and maintenance is galvanized by an increase in the talent pool.

A proactive approach to service and planned maintenance is the most effective way to maintain your equipment’s reliability and RMI has built ADVANTAGE 365 with the tools to create a seamless process for your entire team of office and yard staff 

“Technology plays a crucial rule in the cab by making machines and operators work more efficiently,” said Kevin Forestell, CEO of DOZR …

and with ADVANTAGE 365 while you process a rental order for your customer, intuitive alerts notify you when attempting to rent a piece of equipment overdue for service, but also allow you to preemptively schedule recurring maintenance, warranty work, and more.  Easy-to-use and familiar dashboards allow your staff to fluidly setup maintenance schedules directly from a rental order while processing a customer’s request, convenience is king with our equipment rental software.

“The power of ADVANTAGE is that it is the only system around that has incorporated every area of business into one solution”
Kevin Weimann – Welch Generator Rentals

ADVANTAGE 365 will also track all your rental and leasing activity for each piece of equipment on rent or lease and conveniently display scheduled maintenance; you can filter by service lead time, date, customer, and % of meter completion. 

Your custom dashboard displays the previously mentioned information while accounting for your service staff’s skills, their schedule, and other rental orders in the coming weeks to plan accordingly for routine maintenance.  When finalizing a service request with your customer your rental software will conveniently display dates of availability complete with service orders scheduled, resource capacity, and service item lines for quick insight into the most reasonable days to schedule.

Implementing an equipment rental software eliminates the need for third party apps, plug-ins, or multiple software solutions.  ADVANTAGE 365 is built upon our extensive knowledge of accounting, rental management and software development to deliver a comprehensive tool to manage any type of scheduled maintenance on any piece of equipment. 

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