From roots as a startup equipment rental business comes a software solution that will grow with your company

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Get the rundown on how ADVANTAGE 365 could take your business further
Why startups love ADVANTAGE 365

Suited for multi-location expansion

The tools in ADVANTAGE 365 were built to help startups get up and running from Day 1.

Gain insight into your growth

ADVANTAGE 365 focuses on real-time data by taking all sales, billing, and service numbers, and reports this information using simple documents to email, save, print, or file.

Make decisions by forecasting

Recognize opportunities for growth by forecasting future demand and analyzing information gathered from reports.

Manage inventory and invoices on-the-go

ADVANTAGE 365 delivers the latest advancements in startup rental software to effectively manage your inventory. Real-time data is used to keep your equipment availability updated throughout the day. Track your rental fleet through daily, monthly, or yearly rental/leasing periods. With ADVANTAGE 365 your approach to billable service is powerful but simple – use your mobile device to enter parts and labor, quickly send an invoice, review bill of materials, check non-stock items, and much more.

Advanced functionality with customized reporting

RMI’s reporting guarantee promises if you need a report, our team will build one (or ten) free of charge. ADVANTAGE 365 has over 900 reports for you to automatically track and report profitability asset-by-asset as your inventory grows. As your revenue and inventory increase you will find ADVANTAGE 365 is home to tools that suit every sized business with advanced functionality; view 12-month Profit & Loss statements with meticulous cost breakdowns, rental statistics on each asset displaying loan interest paid, return on investment, depreciation and more.

The benefits of having our dedicated software support team working with you

RMI is comprised of software experts dedicated to delivering an easy-to-use rental, sales, and service software specifically for startups like yours.

Where other entry level software relies on third-party support services to field customer calls, we embrace the practice of dedicated project managers, internal software developers, and client service teams working alongside your team to address your software expectations.

Training, data conversion & implementation upon onboarding

Before going live with ADVANTAGE 365, your project manager will work alongside your entire team to set-up efficient reporting, dashboards, invoicing etc. complete with your company branding and custom features to ensure your company doesn’t skip a beat during transition or startup. RMI offers unlimited training and support for all users and is committed to working closely with you until you are 100% confident with your new system.

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