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Why trailer clients love ADVANTAGE 365

Tailored software solutions

Deploy a solution backed by 40+ years of expertise in the trailer rental industry.

Gain insights for productivity

Focus on the tasks specific to your job responsibilities, gaining tools to become more productive, eliminate distractions to reduce errors.

Make decisions through precise analysis

Pursue the right opportunities more effectively by extracting and analyzing the precise information you need.

Meter count tracking

ADVANTAGE 365 allows you to establish custom rental rates that include usage up to a specified meter count to help better serve your customers specific requirements. ADVANTAGE 365 further allows you to register, track and bill multiple meters for a single piece of equipment or groups within your fleet to streamline dispatching and inventory management.

Robust inventory management

The ADVANTAGE 365 solution provides multiple ways of managing inventory order points including Usage Based Procurement, a robust application to track and filter inventory demand for the purpose of forecasting probable sales levels for the future. Customer Forecasting is a highly valued addition to Usage Based Procurement providing the ability to enter or import a collaborative forecast from a customer or other advanced forecasting models. ADVANTAGE 365 works with real-time inventory levels to ensure your entire system is updated live through-out the day.

Real-time trailer reporting

Easily capture every route traveled by each vehicle using the ADVANTAGE 365 Trip Record. The trip record seamlessly updates your trailer software by tracking odometer readings, fuel purchases, routes and mileage traveled. Maintain detailed historical records on each vehicle that are easily viewed in addition to information gathered from the Trip Record used for IFTA Reporting and NY Highway Use reports.

The benefits of having our dedicated software support team working with you

RMI is comprised of software experts dedicated to delivering an easy-to-use rental, sales, and service software specifically for businesses like yours.

Where other trailer software relies on third-party support services to field customer calls, we embrace the practice of dedicated project managers, internal software developers, and client service teams working alongside your team to address your software expectations.

Training, data conversion & implementation upon onboarding

Before going live with ADVANTAGE 365, your dedicated project manager will work alongside your entire team to set-up efficient reporting, dashboard view, invoicing etc. complete with your company branding and custom features to ensure your company doesn’t skip a beat during transition or startup. RMI offers unlimited training and support for all users and is committed to working closely with you until you are 100% confident with your new system.

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