Rental management software that works for you
Manage inventory to keep business going

Our software—tailored to your industry needs

Record and charge miles, manage IFTA reporting, track insurance and manage inspections.
Sell, lease, or rent boxes with flexible billing. Easily manage accessories and modifications.
Medical Equipment
Easy pre-bill, device maintenance and tracking as well as fully integrated customer portal.
General Equipment
Manage Sales, Service and Rentals. Track insurance, warranties, planned maintenance and ROI.

One solution providing seamless business operations

Cloud-based for instant, fully synced data across multiple devices
From GL to P&L, a full and robust accounting software
Dispatch Management
Dispatch Management
Plan routes, manage crews and get your team where they need to be efficiently
Automated Billing
Automated Billing
Flexible customer payment structures, email invoices, credit card & ACH payment processing
Inventory Management
Inventory Management
Real-time updates across single or multiple locations
Equipment Service
Equipment Service
Track equipment inspections, repair, maintenance and parts
New and used equipment, rental accessories, parts, lease to sale transactions
Reorder point automation, import vendor specs and pricing
Asset Management 
Asset Management 
A full picture of equipment life-cycle: costs, revenues, depreciation, ROI
Training & Support
Training & Support
Included and unlimited plus 24/7 critical support

Full integration with our leading partners

Payment processing at your fingertips

RMIPay is our proprietary credit card and ACH payment processing tool which allows customers to store PCI-compliant credit card information, use stored credit cards on a recurring basis, pass Level 3 information for reduced rates, and pre-authorize payment methods for billing - as part of an automatic, hands-off procedure. Accepting ACH broadens your customer's payment options at significantly lower cost to you.

What our customers say

RMI was essential for us to grow our medical equipment rental business.  Without their guidance and hand holding, nothing would have been billed correctly and that division may have folded.  The Advantage system also allowed us to keep our infrastructure costs to a minimum while we started our new venture

Reviews for Harry Brickman Jr
Harry Brickman Jr
Infiniti Medical Solutions

The RMI cloud software has allowed us to expand from 1 location to 7 locations in 5 years.  The software provides us with real time data that allows us to make well informed decisions.  It has made us more efficient then our competition.

Reviews for Anonymous Client
Anonymous Client
Environmental Rental Company

Your thorough understanding of the rentals industry’s issues is AWESOME.  Congratulations on a great product.

Reviews for Sharon Manley
Sharon Manley

The power of ADVANTAGE is that it is the only system around that has incorporated every area of a business into one solution.

Reviews for Kevin Weimann
Kevin Weimann
Welch Generator Rentals

We’ve been with RMI since the 80’s and have had excellent service over the years. I couldn’t be more happy and proud of our working relationship & friendships that we’ve created over the years of working together. Thank you, RMI!

Reviews for Tammy Birkmire
Tammy Birkmire
Birkmire Trucking and Big Box Rentals

Experts love us too!

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