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RMI ADVANTAGE / April 30, 2024

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Freight Transportation Research Chairman and CEO Eric Starks believes “Trucking companies are becoming technology companies by default”.  Everything from business management software to artificial intelligence are driving forces behind the $15.5 trillion growth predicted for the global logistics market through 2022.

Whispers of 5G mobile networks and the steady increase in machine-to-machine devices interconnected with trailer rental and leasing software, (+300% between 2013-2018), are laying the foundation for a robust infrastructure supporting network demands and for advancements in telematics and vehicle automation.  Both small and large trailer rental and leasing companies are feeling the pressure to adapt with the technological boom where maintaining a balance of affordability and scalability remains a delicate process when shopping for trailer management software.

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The global leaders in the industry are becoming heavily reliant on advanced trailer rental and leasing software systems that are the driving force behind their communication with vendors, customers, and employees.  Last year Venture Capitalists (VC’s) funneled more than $3.6 billion into trucking and freight technology companies with the promising future in tech that streamlines daily operations for companies that rent sell and lease trailers.  As a small to medium-sized business squeezing profit margins from your trailers and human resources while implementing a complete trailer management ERP software can be a tedious …So, why implement a trailer rental software as opposed to QuickBooks?

“Owners of SMBs prefer using ERP systems instead of standalone solutions because it can reduce operation costs by 11%standardize back-office processes by 77%, and give them real-time visibility into their data by 48%.” (NTDA Q4 Outlook & Aberdeen Group)

Large investors and potential partners admit their lack of knowledge in trucking technology is a hurdle they face but the bottom line remains apparent, companies are heavily valued on their preparedness to adapt with technological breakthroughs; Trailer leasing and rental software included.  Comprehensive systems with easy-to-use apps are empowering small businesses to challenge the traditional growth trends and emerge as players in the soon-to-be $15.5 trillion trailer market.

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As 2020 rapidly approaches, auditing your current business processes and how information from emails to receipts are allocated, distributed and reported in your software is a good practice.  We encourage trailer rental and leasing companies to ask the pressing questions of their software providers:

What is the best trailer management software for a SMB?

Is automating Credit Card processing for trailer rentals available?

Does your trailer software integrate with telematics?

Does your trailer software offer free support?

Trailer Software for SMB’s and the stats you should know.

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