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Problem: Re-Billing Customers

The scenario explained in the video above is all too common within other DME billing software in the medical rental, sales and service industries and we recognized the situation as an opportunity to offer an improvement for your DME billing guidelines. The issuance of credit memos, rebilling customers, and time spent remedying DME billing errors is tedious, time consuming, and slows your organization’s cashflow. ADVANTAGE 365 is a DME billing software that allows you to quickly Identify and assess errors in any rental order within minutes.

Solution: Prebilling

RMI’s prebilling feature is the first of its kind to be implemented into DME billing software. The Prebill DME billing guidelines serve to prevent reconciliations, new invoices, or credit memos by ensuring DME billing errors on the rental order are discovered prior to invoicing your customer. This allows your client to view an itemized list of everything they can expect on their invoice and the ability for you to quickly and easily correct any errors in the rental order within the ADVANTAGE 365 DME billing software.

Result: Mitigate Errors

Prebilling has helped our clients who rely on DME billing by ensuring incorrect billing hours never enter their DME billing software eliminating incorrect invoice entries. As a user you will quickly experience how ADVANTAGE 365’s Prebilling report allows you to easily send and receive client requests, batch bill and collaborate amongst internal teams.

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"We selected RMI because we needed a complete accounting package that would do everything from point of sale to operating statements with complex equipment depreciation schedules and of course accounts payable and accounts receivable and sales tax in the 11 different states we do business in. The package is complete, and it's comprehensive."

"Our data came out of QuickBooks. Every bit that we put in went over correctly, accurately, which is a big plus. We don't have an accountant on staff, probably never will. Our people from top to bottom have average PC skills at best... and RMI worked with us side by side throughout the implementation... "

Craig Leibe - CFO of D & D Medical Equipment

"RMI was essential for us to grow our medical equipment rental business. Without their guidance and hand holding, nothing would have been billed correctly and that division may have folded. The ADVANTAGE system also allowed us to keep our infrastructure costs to a minimum while we started our new venture."

Harry Brickman Jr - Infiniti Medical Solutions

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