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Medical Equipment Software for Rental, Sales, and Service

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ADVANTAGE 365 delivers a comprehensive medical equipment software solution with features to manage the most challenging aspects of your DME rental business. Rental, Sales, and Service are fully integrated with accounting to deliver real-time asset management solutions and visibility to all your staff including billing specialists, technicians, and managers.

    ADVANTAGE 365 is the first medical equipment software to implement prebilling allowing your customers to review their invoice prior to processing their final payment. This effectively avoids or limits entry errors and credit memos issued with no additional labor, seamlessly integrating your billing processes, staff, and inventory resources into one easy-to-use medical equipment software. Learn more about Prebilling below!

    Track medical equipment in ADVANTAGE 365 with a dynamic range of tools to control equipment reservations, display inventory availability and ensure you have the correct supplies on-hand at the proper locations. As the most advanced medical equipment software ADVANTAGE 365�s lot control and expiration warnings ensures accuracy, while powerful inventory control tools such as drop shipping, dynamic replenishment options, and cycle counts from mobile devices ensure your equipment arrives at the proper location on-time.
    Integrating all reporting into your medical equipment software is a crucial function the RMI team has focused on constantly improving. RMI�s Reporting Guarantee promises we will modify or build any report free of charge to meet your reporting needs. From system reports to excel based reports and account scheduling, RMI delivers unprecedented service and support unique from any other medical equipment software. Learn more about our 900+ cross-functional reports below!

    RMI to incorporates all recurring and planned maintenance activities into your ADVANTAGE 365 medical equipment software granting you visibility of each item�s full service history whether on demand or on rent. Full integration allows you to receive an alert before renting a piece of equipment that requires service or routine maintenance.

    In 2008, ADVANTAGE 365 was established as a pioneer in the cloud community after becoming the first Microsoft NAV solution in the USA to enter the cloud environment and has since become an industry leading medical equipment software. Access the entire ADVANTAGE 365 system from your phone, tablet, or desktop ensure and productivity from any remote location, effectively eliminating hardcopy paperwork, forms and receipts.
    The ADVANTAGE 365 medical equipment software grants every team member oversight into the customers that are driving your revenue streams while real-time inventory specs ensure the proper equipment arrives at your customer�s facility. With ADVANTAGE 365 your medical equipment software will allow you to view the utilization for your inventory by location, equipment type, age, and much more!

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