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ADVANTAGE 365 delivers a robust solution to manage all aspects of your business. Rental, Sales, and Service operations are fully integrated with accounting to deliver real-time management and visibility over the business. The ADVANTAGE solution includes thousands of reports as well as SQL Reporting Services and Jet Reports, an Excel based reporting tool, to meet your ad-hoc reporting requirements.

  • Use one invoice for sales and rentals
  • Automatically generate recurring invoices
  • Flexible billing terms mesh with any billing procedure or cycle
  • Forecast future demands based on historic usage trends
  • Manage multiple locations and SKUs
  • Import vendor pricing and part number tracking
  • Auto-update part prices to reflect price changes
  • Bill of material, non-stock items, physical inventory journals, and more!

Smart demand tracking and availability management prevent overbooking and input errors, a function unique to RMI�s trailer rental software. ADVANTAGE 365�s real-time tracking capabilities relay important information about your trailers due in and out dates, item substitutions to fill a lucrative order, and advanced meter tracking.

ADVANTAGE 365 trailer leasing software delivers valuable insight into your trailer fleet�s value. Using one asset record or one compiled report, view purchase price, service costs, rental revenue, meter revenue, depreciation, and any other incurred revenue associated with each piece of equipment in your fleet.

Combining 900+ reports specific to companies who rely on trailer rental software allows users to quickly report on:

  • Asset Utilization
  • Asset Margin
  • Top 10 Customers
  • 12 Month Profit + Loss
  • Aged Accounts Receivable

Through your mobile device, tablet, or desktop, ADVANTAGE 365�s Dispatch Board allows you to assign drivers to orders ensuring prompt and organized delivery schedules. Your team will have the ability to send and print delivery, tickets, collect customer signatures, and pin photographs of damage directly into the system.

Rely on interactive alerts that notify and remind you of upcoming scheduled maintenance for your trailers. ADVANTAGE 365 is filled with tools that allow your staff to easily create service tickets, assign technicians, and all while tracking every part ordered in or used from inventory! Now your technicians can be on the go and enter service time and materials directly from their tablet or smart phone using RMI�s mobile app. All your technicians service work is instantly accounted in ADVANTAGE 365 allowing you to invoice your customer before your technician arrives back at the yard!

Empower your sales team with full sales and purchasing modules built with the tools that streamline sales initiatives and workload. Included is the ability to generate quotes, orders, and invoices complete with approval settings, salesperson commissions, and price flexibility with both caps and floors. With ADVANTAGE 365 your entire sales team can manage prospects through the sales funnel within one trailer rental software.

ADVANTAGE 365 grants the ability to track endless meters on every trailer in your fleet including hubometer miles, reefer engine hours, tire tread depth, or any meter specific to your company�s operating procedures. Grant your team the freedom to calculate excess usage and issue additional billings on rentals to mitigate loss in revenue and setup planned maintenance alerts based on meter usage to ensure you are properly monitoring and billing your customers.

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