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Trailer Management Software

Meter Tracking

Rental rates are typically based upon a level of normal wear and tear for the rental period. Often times, however, there are customers who use your equipment significantly more than the rental rates have allotted for. ADVANTAGE 365 allows you to establish rental rates that include usage up to a specified meter count to help better serve your customers specific requirements. ADVANTAGE 365 further allows you to register, track and bill multiple meters for a single piece of equipment or groups within your fleet to streamline dispatching and inventory management.

Inventory Management

The ADVANTAGE 365 solution provides multiple ways of managing inventory order points including Usage Based Procurement which provides a robust application to track and filter inventory demand for the purpose of forecasting probable sales levels for the future. Customer Forecasting is an addition to Usage Based Procurement which provides the ability to enter or import a collaborative forecast from a customer, and other advanced forecasting models. ADVANTAGE 365 works with real-time inventory levels to ensure your entire system is updated live through-out the day!

Real-Time Trailer Reporting

Easily capture every route traveled by each vehicle using the ADVANTAGE 365 Trip Record. The trip record seamlessly updates your tralier software by tracking odometer readings, fuel purchases, routes and mileage traveled across state lines. Maintain detailed historical records on each vehicle that are easily viewed in addition to information gathered from the Trip Record used for IFTA Reporting and NY Highway Use reports.

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"I've been through several business system implementations throughout my career and know that switching systems can be challenging. I can say, without a doubt that working with RMI and implementing their ADVANTAGE 365 business was the smoothest transition I have ever experienced. Their staff is very knowledgeable about the industry and the system. They exceeded my expectations and I'm very pleased with the result."

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