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RMI evolved from a rental company to a software solution that provides service and support to our clients from our software experts. We stand by our product as the vital tool our customers need to run their businesses. With steadfast confidence in ADVANTAGE 365, we are able to deliver a solution that is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics and simultaneously creates a workplace that cultivates forward motion in our industry.

Our company-wide initiative is to deliver quality financial software and support to our customers. Our employees strive for excellence because we empower them to do so. Our clients success is a testament to RMI's expertise and company values.

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Meet our Executive Management Team

David G. Richards President

David G. Richards


As President, David G. Richards is responsible for RMI's technology and security policies as well as the company's operations, IT, Development and Client Services teams. Mr. Richards has been credited with bringing RMI's ADVANTAGE into the cloud and since joining RMI in 2004, his forward-thinking has been the key to company and product success.

In his time at RMI, Mr. Richards has been committed to customer service thus consultant ratings have remained at an all-time high. RMI's Service Level Agreement is monitored personally by Mr. Richards and is what sets RMI's Certified for Microsoft Dynamics solution above the rest.

Mr. Richards sits on the Employer Advisory Board at Eastern Connecticut State University where he is able to advise those entering the workforce and recruit RMI's next generation. Along with day-to-day duties Mr. Richards is actively involved in the on-boarding process.

Leah Holowesko Manager of Client Services

Leah Holowesko

Vice President

Upon graduating from Central Connecticut State University in June of 2006 and attaining her Accounting degree, Mrs. Holowesko promptly joined the RMI team. Starting out as a staff consultant, Mrs. Holowesko became HDI certified and attained numerous Microsoft accolades making her a highly decorated certified Microsoft Professional.

Mrs. Holowesko has worked with every department within the company making her an asset to any employee within the organization and the management team as well as RMI's software solution, ADVANTAGE 365. Her previous industry experience, innovative problem solving and customer service have been paramount in her success at RMI.

Currently, Mrs. Holowesko's duties involve senior consultant functions, acclimating new team members, monitoring client services staff and RMI's celebrated SLA, and most importantly making sure that RMI's customers receive quality software & support.

Ahmad Fawad Manager of Development 

Ahmad Fawad

Manager of Development

In 2008, Ahmad Fawad joined RMI as a member of the Development Team.  Ahmad has since grown into his current position as Manager of Development and plays an integral role in managing all technical and back end activities while overseeing RMI’s team of developers to optimize and improve functionality within Advantage 365. Mr. Fawad’s deep understanding of Microsoft products, specifically NAV, and project management stems from more than 15 years of software development experience allowing him to excel by delivering innovative customer-centric solutions. Mr. Fawad earned his Bachelor’s degree of Science and Engineering before his post graduate work as a database design specialist.

Mr. Fawad's open-minded approach and willingness to challenge the boundaries of software development has helped Advantage 365 surpass the traditional boundaries of ERP software and build a powerful reputation for RMI within the software community.  During his tenure at RMI, Ahmad is constantly exploring and delivering innovative system updates, improved functionality, modifications, add-ons, and upgrades.

Mr. Fawad's understanding of Advantage 365's technical intricacies coupled with extensive knowledge of end user expectations is responsible for his proactive approach to improving functionality in Advantage 365.

Join Our Team

RMI Corporation is an equal opportunity employer. We offer a competitive salary, excellent benefits and ongoing training. If you are interested in any of the positions listed below, please send us your resume and cover letter. Also, RMI will be attending some college career fairs in the upcoming months, if you are a recent college grad or a current student, feel free to stop by our booth for more information.

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