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Consolidated Billing

Bill all containers associated to one customer on a single invoice. Include interim billings for new units leased during the billing period. Keep track of your inventory at all times, know who has it and where it is.

Inventory Management

Handle inventory in more than one location (for example, warehouses in Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles) from one database ADVANTAGE 365 provides you with a real-time business overview of each item in your inventory.

Complete Details for Each Asset

Avoid over-booking; always know how many assets you have in stock each day, who is renting them, and when on-rent items are due back. Understand how well you have been utilizing your assets and the revenue percentage they are producing.


"In an industry as unique as ours, it is wonderful to know that RMI can adapt ADVANTAGE to meet the needs of our company. And RMI's Support team is fantastic! They always have a solution for even our most industry specific questions ...a are quality in this industry."

Minda Beckwith - Controller A Storage on Wheels Customer Since 1990s Upgraded to Cloud 2008

"With 25 locations to oversee, I find that RMI's ADVANTAGE software system provides me with real time information that is critical for me to run my business."

Chip Matthews - Duval Storage

"The RMI cloud software has allowed us to expand from 1 location to 7 locations in 5 years. The software provides us with real-time data that allows us to make well-informed decisions. It has made us more efficient than our competition."

Anonymous - An Environmental Rental Company

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