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Benefits of Full Rental Software Integration

Rental Software Advantage

No duplicate entry and full visibility! That means when you Purchase parts or inventory all accounting entries and inventory entries are automatically recorded for accurate costing and reliable inventory. When an invoice is paid via your Customer Portal the Cash Receipt is recorded and your aging stays up to date. When you special order or consume parts for Service or Jobs inventory is up to date and all accounting entries are made for you. The costs and service history are recorded on the asset for easy history and accurate profit calculations.

Full Integration with Office 365 means whether you are using ADVANTAGE 365 on mobile or desktop you always have your files, email, and system access. Attach documents in SharePoint directly to orders, assets anything so you never lose track of paperwork.

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

RMI has met Microsoft's highest standards for Dynamics implementations. You can take confidence in our technology solutions. ADVANTAGE 365 meets all the following requirements:

  • Designed for a unique business and industry need
  • Tested for seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics
  • Used and recommended by other companies
  • Is low-risk, fast to implement, and simple to maintain
  • Is properly supported and protected
  • Meets industry-specific requirements and local language, tax, and governmental regulations