No matter what equipment you rent, sell or service, ADVANTAGE 365 is your Certified for Microsoft Dynamics Solution.

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Equipment Rental Software

Keep track of your equipment

ADVANTAGE 365 allows you to accelerate troubleshooting by tracking prior service activities. You have the ability to provide guidelines and procedures for use in solving service issues. ADVANTAGE 365 does this by registering and tracking serviced equipment; including site locations, components, loaned equipment, and repair or replacement history.

Maintain your equipment

Monitor the costs associated with maintaining/servicing each piece of equipment. ADVANTAGE 365 tracks Maintenance Costs as those costs paid to outside service providers while Service Costs are those costs incurred when using internal parts and labor.

Flexible billing

ADVANTAGE 365 provides a convenient set of service pricing that is easy to maintain. This will allow you to adjust for various price structures, service parameters, and profitability targets. ADVANTAGE 365 lets you include customer-specific pricing, various types of charge, as well as price grouping.

Reporting for the Equipment Rental, Sales and Service Industry

Rental, Sales, and Service operations are fully integrated with accounting to deliver real time visibility over the entire business. The ADVANTAGE 365 solution includes thousands of reports built including all ARA metrics. Full integration with Office365 for ad-hoc reports in Excel via Jet Reports. Integrate with third party applications via custom Web Services and OData connections.


"When order information is posted, the entire system is automatically and immediately updated. Not only is all information updated immediately, but our ability to "Drill Down and Around" the information delivers online analytical processes that we could not find in any other system."

Don Guzauckas - General Manager of HB Group, Inc.

"RMI has been an outstanding resource for our small company. Their expertise extends beyond the software and into general business operations. The support team's expansive knowledge in accounting helped us establish a set of financials that investors love, and their willingness to create custom reports brings a huge value add to our customers. RMI is a must have software for any rental business."

Chris Hunt - ProCare Inc

"Location Sound Corporation has been working with RMI since 2006. We are extremely satisfied with both the software and the professional service that RMI provided. They were able to deliver the product on time. RMI is a company that you can rely on for your daily operation."

Belinda Hung - CFO of Location Sound Corporation

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