When it comes to the rental and leasing of trailers you need a tailor-made software solution that's reliable and flexible.

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Cloud Based Advantage

ADVANTAGE 365 is a cloud based solution which is always close at hand whenever you need it. Have your entire suite of tools up and running on the PC, phone or tablet of your choice, as soon as you need them. It's a trailer leasing system that can truly keep up with your busy schedule for registering, tracking, and billing for all of your trailer leases.

Take Inventory Management

With ADVANTAGE 365 you'll find every tool and functionality you could ever need in a piece of trailer leasing software. And as such, it provides options for managing your inventory including Usage Based Procurement for forecasting future sales as well as other forecasting models and can replace your current dealership management software and streamline your operation. This will enable you to respond to customer and dealer needs faster and with far more efficiency.

Take Trailer Leasing To The Next Level

ADVANTAGE 365 is a complete solution for all of your trailer lease tracking needs. It comes with a number of essential functionalities such as inventory management, trailer lease billing software, and IFTA (International Fuel Trade Agreement) Reporting. In addition to these tools it also incorporates meter tracking that's a step above the competition. With ADVANTAGE 365's meter tracking you're able to create leasing rates that include usage up to a specified meter count. ADVANTAGE 365 is as flexible as it is extensive and will improve your profitability and expedite your day to day tasks so you can do even more.

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"I've been through several business system implementations throughout my career and know that switching systems can be challenging. I can say, without a doubt that working with RMI and implementing their ADVANTAGE 365 business was the smoothest transition I have ever experienced. Their staff is very knowledgeable about the industry and the system. They exceeded my expectations and I'm very pleased with the result."

Mitch Ardoin - Vice President of Operations, Better Pumps and Solutions Customer Since 2011

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