ADVANTAGE 365: Software for
Equipment Rental, Sales, & Service


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All the software needed to run your business!

There are many good software packages for automating most aspects of your business. The challenge is to bring together all of those packages, fill in any missing pieces that you need to run your specific business and, then make them work together. And....  keep them working together!

RMI Corporation has been focused solely on the Equipment Rental, Sales and Service Industry for over 30 years. Every one of our customers rent, sell and service equipment!

ADVANTAGE 365 is a software solution developed by RMI Corporation that begins with the best available software packages. Software such as Microsoft Dynamics Accounting, Microsoft Office 365, CCH Sales Tax, Jet Business Intelligence, Charge Logics Credit Card Processing (and more) form the foundation of ADVANTAGE 365. From there, RMI has added functionality that is uniquely required by businesses that rent, sell and service equipment.

We then package the solution as a single product - ADVANTAGE 365.

No more living with gaps in your software functionality, no more managing multiple versions of the foundation layers of your software, no more recreating the wheel every time one portion of your system is updated and, no more keeping up with hardware and operating system changes. These challenges are handled by RMI as part of ADVANTAGE 365.

RMI's ADVANTAGE 365 is a one stop shop for all your business software requirements. In the rare event that you must interface with another system that is external to your system, we deliver Microsoft Web Service interface so that communicating with outsiders is automated.

All software, software updates and software support are included within one simple monthly subscription fee.

All the software and support you need to run your business without a single hidden cost!

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Mobile friendly equipment rental sales and service software ADVANTAGE 365

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

RMI has met Microsoft's highest standards for Dynamics implementations. You can take confidence in our technology solutions. ADVANTAGE 365 meets all the following requirements:

  • Designed for a unique business and industry need
  • Tested for seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics
  • Used and recommended by other companies
  • Is low-risk, fast to implement, and simple to maintain
  • Is properly supported and protected
  • Meets industry-specific requirements and local language, tax, and governmental regulations