Powerful technician productivity and planned maintenance tools ensure efficient service activities.

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"We selected RMI because we needed a complete accounting package that would do everything from point of sale to operating statements with complex equipment depreciation schedules and of course accounts payable and accounts receivable and sales tax in the 11 different states we do business in. The package is complete, and it's comprehensive. "

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Medical Equipment Software

Problem: Inefficiencies in service and data input

Inefficiencies in DME software prevent your service team from operating at maximum efficiency. Illegible handwriting, improper tracking of additional requested services or sales, and tickets completed or submitted late, are common issues mitigated using DME software tailored to your industry. When your staff is operating at maximum efficiency with a DME software system allowing flexibility, mobility, and autonomy, managing your business is simplified.

Solution: Empower your service technicians with ADVANTAGE 365

The video above portrays the benefits of deploying ADVANTAGE 365 DME software and the tools available for service staff. When considering the viability of a DME software mobility, industry specific tools (i.e. tracking patient name and room number), and data accuracy deliver a pleasant user experience.

Result: Efficient service and real-time data tracking

Grant your technicians with a powerful suite of tools embedded into a simple mobile DME software. Powerful document management capabilities and HIPAA compliant cloud storage grant the ability for mobile users to capture signatures and share documents instantly. Autonomous batch billing, prebilling, and inventory tracking are some of the many capabilities that create the premier DME software experience. ADVANTAGE 365 is the DME software industry solution with more than 35 years of dedication keeping technicians on the road, accurate inventory levels and seamless communication with office staff.

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"Our data came out of QuickBooks. Every bit that we put in went over correctly, accurately, which is a big plus. We don't have an accountant on staff, probably never will. Our people from top to bottom have average PC skills at best... and RMI worked with us side by side throughout the implementation... "

Craig Leibe - CFO of D & D Medical Equipment

"RMI was essential for us to grow our medical equipment rental business. Without their guidance and hand holding, nothing would have been billed correctly and that division may have folded. The ADVANTAGE system also allowed us to keep our infrastructure costs to a minimum while we started our new venture."

Harry Brickman Jr - Infiniti Medical Solutions

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